Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC a leading HVAC distributor came up with an RFP for two major needs. The requirement was first to collate all product data that were stored in separate PDFs in a central repository and second to drive the collated data to Adobe InDesign that will be used for printing as well as to a new dynamic website. Heatcraft has 5 brands namely Bohn, Chandler, Climate Control, Larkin, and M Series. All the products under each brand are similar and are sold under different brands for Marketing Purposes. Heatcraft stores/deals with more than 100,000 items. Another unique requirement was to have the ability to store and ultimately publish complex tables that represent product information.

Questudio addressed the RFP with CatalogStudio to manage the products in a central repository, InStudio to push the data using XML from the database to Adobe InDesign, and WebStudio to drive the dynamic website. Based on the expertise in managing content and CatalogStudio’s ability to manage complex information, Questudio was awarded the contract to extract, organize, and publish data. A huge project in nature took almost a year to complete with several onsite trips made by Questudio’s technical team to work hand-in-hand as well as provide product training to Heatcraft team.

High-Level Description of the Project:

Heatcraft provided the content to Questudio in PDF formats and the content was loaded into CatalogStudio by the able offshore services team. With CatalogStudio’s ability to manage multiple product hierarchy, ability to manage images and different price attributes, loading of data was not difficult. Conversion of content from the PDFs to CatalogStudio was done in 4 months with regular approvals from the customer and the point of contact at Questudio.
Images were extracted from the PDFs and the naming convention was based on the Product No, which was later replaced with original images provided by Heatcraft later. This was easy as the image folder was just replaced and nothing more as the links in CatalogStudio remained the same.

In the Pipeline for Heatcraft:

In development is a feature where anyone visiting the Heatcraft website can generate a PDF report on a given product’s information. This feature uses a template that will automatically place all the relevant up-to-date information about the product for which information is required and spontaneously generate a PDF report that can be mailed or stored in a computer for viewing purposes.

Currently, Heatcraft has pre-generated PDFs stored in the image server, which when requested by the customer pop ups. Any changes in product information like price etc., requires manual intervention and is time consuming. This current gap will be filled in by the PDF generator that is being developed by Questudio and will soon be implement in the website.


  • Site Map
  • Master Page
    • Brand Navigation tabs
    • Product Search
    • Promotional Space
    • Featured Products
  • Sub category Page
    • For Unit Coolers
    • For Condensers & Fluid Coolers
    • For More Products & Services
    • For Resources & Information
  • Search results
    • Refine search
    • Compare models
    • View
    • Results indicator
  • Family Details
  • Product Comparison
  • Product details
  • PDF Downloads
  • Refine search filters
  • Table Header Attributes
  • Product details – selection Attributes
  • Product Specification Categories & Attribute Names
  • Product Details Factory-Installed Option Tables & Categories
  • Product Details Factory-Installed Option Categories & Attribute Names
  • Product Details Shipped-Loose Accessories Tables
  • Featured Products by Brand
  • Renamed Attribute names
  • Restricted Attributes


The implementation of the project was split into two phases

  1. Proof of Concept (POC)
  2. The Actual Project.

Constructing of complex tables was possible with CatalogStudio as it has the capability to do different table structuring. Previewing product information involved converting the data to flat tables and later on activating the Super Columns feature. Sample of the converted data is as given in the images below.


The final print catalog for the 5 brands was around 1500 pages, and the same information was published to the website using WebStudio.
The website has complex search implemented, which will enable customers to get to the right product instantaneously. Questudio successfully completed the online catalog system and Heatcraft has taken the site live and has received positive responses from various sources/customers.www.heatcraftrpd.com