Having a website with up-to-date information with the benefit of synchronization of key data is vital for the success of any online business.

Being a leading correctional pharmacy services provider, Diamond Medical Supply stores hundreds of products as well as has the capability to source and deliver many more anywhere within the United States. Keeping this in mind, they wanted to have an online ordering system wherein institutions would be able to place orders and track them.

The question of how to cater to the needs of different medical institutions online was what Diamond Medical Supply was thinking of before they approached Questudio. Questudio’s expertise in the content management and web implementations arena found a sure-shot solution to meet Diamond’s requirements.

The customers of Diamond Medical Supply belonged to different categories ranging from Institutions, Staff Nurses, and patients themselves. To manage all of them, they needed to create custom users group with restricted permission levels. The reason behind this was that staff nurses take care of many patients in different medical institutions and they needed the ability to login and place orders irrespective of the institution they belonged to. To address this, Questudio created hierarchical users groups with predefined restrictions to access the website and place orders online.

Integration Requirements

“Questudio to integrate Diamond Medical Supply’s ERP System with Webstudio to Dynamically Drive the Website with Live Feeds”

Diamond Medical Supply used Pacware software to manage users and product information offline. The requirement was that users should be able to place orders online and immediately that the order should be sent over to Pacware for processing. Once an order is processed in Pacware, a confirmation would need to be transmitted back to Questudio’s Webstudio which would in real time display the status of the order. On a run-time basis, constant interaction takes place between Pacware and WebStudio to see if any orders are placed or processed and displays the information in the website accordingly. Integrating Pacware with WebStudio was done effortlessly with the able co-ordination of the project management team at Questudio and the IT team at Diamond Medical Supply.

The integration of Pacware and WebStudio was done with a series of database scripts written to call for action when there is a related activity in the website and vice versa. Certain tables from WebStudio database were directly mapped with that of Pacware to establish a connection between both the systems. The point here was to map only the required fields and not all the fields as others contain confidential data. Complex stored procedures were written to pull pricing logic & group discounts targeted for each user/Institution based on which pricing would be displayed when a users logs in.

Apart from integrating the data system, Diamond Medical Supply wanted to have a powerful search implemented in their new online catalog wherein users would be able to drill down to get to the point of what they are actually looking for. To address this, Questudio implemented the parametric search, which is part of the array of inbuilt features in WebStudio. The below picture is a diagrammatic expression of how Parametric Search is implemented in Diamond Medical Supply’s online catalog.


The implementation of the project was split into two phases

  1. Proof of Concept (POC)
  2. The Actual Project.

The POC included creating a sample database with the structure of WebStudio site. An admin module was also developed which allowed administrators to control the user actions and to create various users levels


The outcome was a successful implementation of the integration of Diamond Medical Supply’s ERP System with WebStudio to dynamically drive the Website with Live Feeds. By assigning the right skills and expertise to craft fully integrate different modules; Questudio’s web implementation team met the expectations of what the new dynamic website should do.