WebStudio & CatalogStudio Software Solutions For a Major Electronics Supplier In Australia

WES, the leading Electronics distributor in New South Wales, Australia wanted to automate their catalog publishing process as well as launch three websites for their product range. Their print catalog consisted of 1,100 pages with over 60,000 SKUs and ever-changing prices. WES wanted their print and web catalogs to run from a single database so that changes to price, product information, images, etc., would reflect across the print and web databases. Among the three websites, one website was only for cellular accessories, one all electronic items, and the last one for electronic B2B customers. WES also wanted to have lots of custom work done on the website to make it innovative as well as informative.

Questudio proposed CatalogStudio as their print solution and WebStudio for their three websites. Both CatalogStudio and WebStudio run off one single database situated in a central location. WES is now able to print custom flyers and newsletters as well as update information in the 1,100-page publishing process automatically within a short span of time.