Government Department Adopts Questudio’s CatalogStudio Software to Manage Transportation Information Difficulties

The state of Delaware’s Department of Transportation (DelDOT) provides a safe, efficient, and environmentally sensitive transportation network that offers a variety of convenient and cost-effective choices for the movement of people and goods. The department annually publishes an 800 page catalog report detailing road, bridge, and rail projects carried out within the state. There was also a long-form internal report produced. The data is stored in multiple locations, with project details and financial details. The company was initially using a traditional method that took 4-6 months of labor intensive work that still resulted in several errors involved in aggregating the content and performing calculations of financial data to present in the report. DelDOT wanted a database driven system to replace their current manual process, which would enable them to automate the reporting process and make it error-free. They also wanted an in-house system to produce the CTP report and to use the same database to effectively produce CD-based reports and provide web access to the project details in the future.

Questudio has implemented its CatalogStudio solution for publishing the CTP reports for DelDOT. A key part of the process was the integration of the CatalogStudio solution with the ORACLE-based systems in-place at DelDOT. The Questudio technical team worked very closely with the customer’s IT team and defined the integration requirements, developed the interface design, and implemented the data integration necessary for the success in producing the very critical CTP report. Using the “data loader” module, information from different systems was easily loaded into the CatalogStudio database. The data load was done on demand from the source systems. Using pre-built templates, the entire 800-page report was created using the existing content within minutes. Multiple templates have been provided to enable the customer to create reports in different formats along with pictures and maps of the project. For example, the long-form report provides the ability to review the reports and make corrections, well before the final CTP report is published.

Using CatalogStudio, DelDOT is now being able to create accurate reports with more efficiency. This has significantly improved the previous process that used to take 4-6 months. Since all the data is being imported electronically into CatalogStudio, user errors are avoided and the automation of the reports avoids calculation or formatting errors. With a central repository of content, DelDOT can consider providing web access to transportation project details in the state of Delaware.