Electrical Distributor Adopts Questudio’s Print Catalog Software for Catalog Automation

J.H. Larson Company is an independent distributor of Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and Data Communication products serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. They’ve had multiple store locations publish individual online and print catalogs from data located at their headquarters. J.H. Larson was in need of a catalog solution to store all product information in a central database and create custom and on-demand catalogs for each of their customers using the data and images stored in the central repository database.

Questudio initially converted and loaded all the data from the customer’s legacy system. Questudio’s experts also associated thousands of images to the products. J.H. Larson now uses Questudio’s CatalogStudio & InStudio software to create custom catalogs for their customers and also uses Questudio’s ExIm tool to regularly update the pricing information from their inventory control system.

Results include:

  • Centralized database management from the headquarters used by 4 different locations for print collateral production and for product reference.
  • 70% timesavings in data delivery to different locations.
  • Ability to create custom catalogs specific to each project.