The customer is an industry leader in electrical equipment for energy protection and distribution, switchgear, industrial controls, industrial automation, lighting and cable accessories. IPD delivers strong brand names and leading-edge developments, providing world class manufacturers a powerful presence in Australia.
IPD designs and manufactures a large range of products specifically suited to the local environment, maintaining an in-house engineering team to develop and test new ranges of equipment to ensure conformity to Australian Standards, legislative requirements and associated international standards.


The customer publishes annual catalogs representing its various products. They publish print catalogs and also have a website representing their products, which was static in nature.
They did catalogs with program details. The data for these projects were being stored in multiple systems like Pronto and local databases. Most of the product information was being maintained by different product managers thus there was no single source of truth.
Catalogs were created by aggregating content from various systems and presenting them in a pre-determined format thus there was no central repository being maintained.
The customer was using this method to create around 600 pages of catalog and small number broachers and Price Lists every year, which was time consuming. This method consumed 4 to 6 months of intense manual effort and there were always errors in aggregating the content and performing calculations of values / data to present in the report.
The customer wanted a database driven system to replace their current manual process, which would enable them to automate the publishing process. They wanted an in-house system to produce print catalogs as well as use the same database to broadcast information to their website, which should be dynamic.


  • Customization, Features and Updates
  • Rich website UI design and Appearance
  • Site Search, Natural Language Search, and Analytics
  • Navigation & News section
  • Dynamic Category list page, Family list page, & Product details page
  • Compare Products
  • Standardization of Pronto SKUs, 20,000+
  • Integration with Commerce Vision web site
  • Integration from CatalogStudio to Pronto
  • Design services to assist with monthly catalog creation
  • Net Prices integration into CatalogStudio
  • Calculation application integrated into the WebStudio site
  • Location map


The implementation of the project was split into two phases

  1. Proof of Concept (POC)
  2. The Actual Project.

Questudio implemented its CatalogStudio solution for publishing the catalogs and price lists as well built a dynamic website using a central repository. The new system took care of integrating Questudio’s software CatalogStudio with Pronto ERP.
Questudio organized a content team to define and aggregate the data into the central repository, which was scattered. The data was standardized in a desired fashion and sent to IPD for approval.
Project managers from Questudio were sent to Colombo & Sydney to interact with the multiple product managers who were involved in this project and help them organize the data on-time.


Using CatalogStudio, the customer is now able to create catalogs & reports with great efficiency and the website is dynamic with changes from the ERP being updated on the website on a real-time basis. All content is now stored in a central repository from where the information is published to Omni-channels.