Started in 1961, Donnelly's School Apparel is one of the largest school uniform suppliers in the northeast. It services over 200 schools throughout New England and into New York. Using a unique combination of uniform programs and distribution techniques, they have expanded their service area and outfit schools throughout the United States. Because of their dedication, attention to detail and complete clothing programs, Donnelly's is most likely the last school uniform supplier you will ever have to work with. Donnelly’s Clothing is one of the pioneers in school uniforms in Rhode Island, caters to the needs of hundreds of schools in the United States for their uniform supplies. During the uniform season, they send out custom catalogs to their target audience throughout the country. They provide uniforms for both Public and Private schools. The children's grade starts from Kindergarten to 12. They also have some 3 rd party sites. The various departments of Donnelly’s are the following

  • School Uniforms
  • Career Apparel
  • Custom Printing
  • Children’s Wear

Software Specifications

  • AppGen (Application Generator) – An ERP system which stores the information about all of the Donnelly’s
  • products.
  • Magento – For Website and Admin.
  • PDF Generator – Questudio’s PDFxPress.

Customer Requirement Statement

“We need a PIM where we could have all the organization details at a place and which should be easier and less time consuming to import them. Also a web application which navigates from the WordPress site to the WebStudio site seamlessly which allows new user to create their account and to do shopping with Donnelly’s as well as the existing users to have access by importing all their existing records from AppGen”. The proposed site should have all the existing functionalities that are in the existing Magento site along with the new requirements.


  • To develop a website, admin site and Import tool.
  • Admin site which is accessible only by the admin user of Donnelly’s to manage the contents in the website.
  • Import tool should be developed to import all the organizational data into the custom tables in the database there by creating an excel sheet which is to be imported into the CatalogStudio. It should allow the text files from AppGen to be imported which imports all the existing user records into the website.
  • WordPress admin site – A login to be created for Donnelly’s admin user, where admin user can be able to create various pages for the WordPress site.
  • List of features to be for the website
    • User information – Create a user with all their account information
    • Creation of one or more students belonging to the various organizations / school by the parent.
    • Deletion of students.
    • Webcode – Fetching the webcode based on the organization details provided in the website.
    • Display of organization information based on user login.
    • Product display with their SKU details and to show price variation based on the options selected for the configurable products.
    • Login based on the user group.
    • Differentiation of current and seasonal products.
    • Images shown to be designed based on J-query.
    • Add to compare – Allows user to compare at least 2 items and a maximum of 3 items.
    • Wish list – User can add items to the wish list which can later be moved to cart.
    • Shopping cart – To add items to the cart for purchase.
    • Order tracking – To track orders based on the order status.
    • Print PDF – User can print the orders based on the web order number.
    • Guest user login – Any anonymous user can buy the products under the organizations other than school Uniforms (Spiritwear items).
    • Payment Gateway integration.
  • List of features to be worked on in the Admin site
    • Announcements – To create organizational / school information and to display them in the website.
    • To create news based on organizations.
    • Users – On importing the text files containing the customer’s details, the list of users that were created in AppGen to be imported under Inactive users list. Admin user can send emails to the inactive users and activate their web access.
    • User group creation – Users can be grouped in the admin site. The users can be grouped under different user groups like General, Faculty, Club etc.,
    • Discount – Creation of discount based on order type or item.
    • Promo code – Different promotion codes can be created and can be applied to the website.
    • Store options – Creation of different store options for shipping the orders.
    • Encrypt ad Decrypt option for passwords.
  • List of features to be worked on in the CatalogStudio
    • To import the organization / school information into CatalogStudio.
    • Creation of Top Sellers, Featured Products, Promotional Products and Highlighted Products and to make them display in the website based on organization.


The implementation of the project was split into two phases

  1. Proof of Concept (POC)
  2. The Actual Project.

The POC included creating a sample database, which contained samples of various organization / school information. In parallel, a custom tool was developed that would import the text files exported from AppGen to be imported into CatalogStudio. Search option for displaying the result based on user and the organization. Configurable Spiritwear products were created in CatalogStudio. The Guest login process was implemented to facilitate the purchase of Spiritwear items. Price calculation was done based on the different options for the configurable product. On successful completion of the POC, Donnelly’s gave a go ahead for the actual implementation of project almost immediately, which was a full blown implementation of the same using real-time feeds & live data. A design document was provided and approved by both the IT & Business Groups.


The developed website has been delivered for UAT and scheduled to go live in July 2016.