Leading Orthopedic Manufacturer and Distributor Utilizes Questudio’s CatalogStudio Solutions

Arthrex Inc.––a privately held international corporation providing the highest quality Orthopedic equipment in the US and Europe––publishes custom PDF and print catalogs for all of their markets. Because they sell numerous products across the globe, Arthrex was looking for a digital solution that allowed them to store all product information in one central database and create custom, on-demand catalogs using the data available. Additionally, they felt that store managers should be able to create custom catalogs on the fly for customers by accessing the centrally stored data.

Questudio suggested CatalogStudio because of its proprietary central database module capable of generating PDF catalogs on demand. This PDF Catalog generator provides the most viable solution for Arthrex Inc., as store managers can create custom flyers using the built-in template designer.

Arthrex Inc. is now able to connect all of their offices worldwide to the server sitting in their data center. Thanks to CatalogStudio’s PDF generator software, store managers are able to target audiences and are already seeing a boost in sales.