How Product information management plays a vital role in expanding your e-commerce business?

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Role of Product Information management In expanding ecommerce

Expanding ecommerce with PIM

ECommerce is the latest tool today for all businesses. Especially post Covid-19. Companies have had to make tremendous changes to their structure to be relevant in this present scenario. Retailers have realized that getting their business online is the need of the hour.

Now, customers of a business are not necessarily from the neighborhood or even the same country. The location of a physical store does not matter. If your products are right, people will buy them. All you need to do is ship the products to your customers.

So, having an e-Commerce business is required. Here you create any web site that showcases your product line. This information about your products should be detailed. The problem with a website is that a customer cannot touch and feel your product. So giving them in-depth information about your products is vital.

Customers can then see your product line, add them to their wish-list, and then click on a button to buy. Your business needs to be in-line with these requirements. An e-Commerce venture that is smooth functioning is a recipe for success. 

Helping you overcome the challenges of an e-Commerce venture is PIM or Product information management system. PIM is a set of software tools that give you the advantage of the digital world at your fingertips.

So, let’s see how PIM works in expanding ecommerce business successfully.

  • Central location for products

Business runs on products. Now when you plan to expand your business, it’s usually associated with an expansion in your product line too. Managing all the information related to your products is the key to success. So what is this information that you need to monitor? Well, it’s the name, size, dimensions, color, weight, etc. Each of these specifications has to be cataloged and monitored for e-Commerce purposes.

A PIM is the best tool to use for this very purpose. Use premier software and service providers like Questudio and their PIM software MarketStudio. It creates a central repository that holds all the information for every product in your inventory. One location means your data is easy to handle and monitor.  

  • Consistent information

With a PIM you upload information quickly and easily. Every detail is consistent and normalized. It means your e-Commerce platform always has up-to-date product information. How does this help the business? Customer satisfaction! When your customers see correct product information on the business website, it gives your business validity. They automatically increase brand loyalty and customer base.

  • Catalog creation

Using MarketStudio tools, you can easily create rich content. They can be in the form of images, videos, PDFs, and even literature. The catalogs are like brochures that give out information about your product line. They are great for vendors and retailers. MarketStudio creates catalogs for any occasion or theme quickly. Make hundreds of these custom catalogs for your end customers. Catalogs created using this content can then be published over the internet.

  • Multi-channel marketing

The exact benefit of a PIM is multi channel marketing. When product information is in a single location, content can be created quickly and published. Use emails, social media, notifications, pop-ups, etc. to reach out to the maximum number of potential customers. PIM helps your business to expand its customer base and spread the brand image positively.

It clearly shows how much a product information management system can help you to expand your business. A PIM software with a central repository has been beneficial to many organizations in various fields. With the right tools, you can effortlessly turn your business around and survive any pandemic.

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