Questudio, a prominent player in the automotive industry, this leading giant based in the United States boasts an extensive network comprising over 2700 dealers spread across the nation. One of the key facilitative features for its dealers is the provision to generate comprehensive service plans directly from the dealer portal. This unique offering allows dealers to produce detailed service plans in PDF format, incorporating the most up-to-date pricing information. Notably, these service plans are more than mere documents—they are dynamic, interactive catalogs, each surpassing 300 pages in length. The technological backbone empowering this seamless generation and customization process is CatalogStudio.

pim catalog

The innovative use of CatalogStudio not only streamlines the creation of service plans but also ensures that dealers have access to cutting-edge and unique catalogs. These catalogs serve as invaluable tools, providing a wealth of information to both dealers and customers. This strategic approach aligns with the automotive giant’s commitment to enhancing user experience and maintaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving automotive market. Through the integration of technology, this automotive leader continues to revolutionize how dealers engage with service plans, setting new standards for efficiency and customer satisfaction in the industry.

In summary, Questudio, a significant participant in the automotive industry, uses CatalogStudio to transform the process of creating service plans. The platform, which has over 2700 dealers countrywide, enables dealers to create dynamic, interactive catalogues that are longer than 300 pages. This improves user experience and highlights the company’s dedication to innovation and competitiveness in the ever-evolving automotive market.

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